Self Care Errrryday Babeh

So I notice that when many people speak about self care they look at it as though it's only a once a week, bi weekly, or once a month treat. Let me tell you why this is dangerous. Self care is and must be utilized daily, we cannot allow ourselves to put what is necessary for our thriving excellence to be put off for “every now and then.” Notice I said “thriving excellence”, not basic survival, not just barely getting by, but thriving in our excellence. We do this by taking care of ourselves daily. Now there are some days that we may find ourselves heavy laden and we are just trying to survive to the next day. But this should not be your day to day state of being. This shouldn't be your normal, because you were created with peace, love, and balance in mind. So we have to seek this out in our own time daily. People sometimes believe that self care is some extravagant and lofty concept when it could be making sure to drink your water first thing in the morning, giving thanks as you walk into the Sun light for a 20 minute meditation and prayer time in the early morning, making sure you take the time to eat a good breakfast in the morning. Packing your lunch and eating mindfully daily so you're not forced to eat fast food on the go, going for a walk in good weather, or hitting the sauna, but your self care regime should be a part of you lifestyle daily. We are sometimes under the impression that taking time to focus on ourselves is selfish, and that is simply not true. Remember that You can't give to others what you do not have. You will be in emotional and spiritual overdraft. And your mental health just cannot afford that. You have to make sure that you are operating in wholeness and then you will be in the position of true greatness. I'm talking about unwavering and solid ground, not I'm here and great only for a moment and it could be gone within a short matter of time. I'm talking about when people interact with you when you spend time alone with yourself when you set out to accomplish something you will maintain a recognizable peace and power. Remember your mental health matters and you have to take the time you need.