Trill, Spiritual, Powerful, Yoga...

I used to workout for at least an hour 5 days a week on weight machines. Now I just do yoga. I’ll be getting into calisthenics this spring as well. As I’ve shared with y’all before I got away from my self care because I was heavy laden and struggling to find balance. Praises be to The Most High because I have been experiencing restoration on another level. One thing yoga has taught me is the power in your breath, every breath. It must have a purpose and must not be taken for granted...I struggled for years with my temperament. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s the truth. These past few years I’ve learned that a level head is one’s greatest weapon. I remember to breath and remind myself that nothing is worth me surrendering my Peace. Click the link in the bio for more on my journey. #futureyogi

I’m glad you made it. As I was sharing on my IG post, Yoga has taught me some really great lessons in the past few months. Patience and gentle kindness with my body has been an enormous factor. See this is a lesson that I believed we missed when it comes to self care and love. We are so ready to just be a pro, and find ourselves at the center of frustration when we are mere pupils. We’ve got to take the time to be taught and even teach ourselves whatever skill we desire to master. So I've been dedicating time to myself. I was allowing time to escape my grasp and I wasn't taking the best care of myself because of this. I am aiming to honor the time I have been blessed enough to have. So here I am...Making progress, for the next two weeks I will be practicing yoga for two hours each day. I'm looking forward to this time and excited about every ounce of growth to come here and after. I am celebrating the small wins. I hope you'll celebrate with me.