Unmasked by the Sun

So y’all know I have asthma right? The pollution has been taxing on me as of late. Last night I woke up struggling to breathe I just stood up slowed my breath and stayed calm. I didn’t need my inhaler and haven’t needed it in over a year. I’ve made it a goal to no longer need it. I drink a lot of herb teas, stay active, and practice deep breathing. My chest wasn’t tight when I woke up this morning, but my throat was still sore. I use a mask with essential oils to help maintain while I’m out and about. I resented my move to SoKo last year because of this. To constantly wake up unable to breathe clearly is truly frightening. But I’ve adjusted. I’m learning to appreciate where I am in every aspect of my life. Physical and Spiritual as this is the only time you will have this moment. So I had to repent and learn to better adjust. Today I almost didn’t leave the house because of my scare last night, but I owed the dogs some quality time. And the Sun fell over me in such a way that made every concern fall away.